Virtual Library Issues

The Virtual Library is an open development, open source project. We welcome all feedback, especially when it comes with patches ;-)

Mailing Lists

General comments should go to the VL mailing lists. Questions or comments about how to use the application should be directed to the user list. All discussion related to the code or design of the VL takes place on the development list.

Filing issues

If you think you have found a problem with the VL (something that does not work correctly), then create a Virtual Library Bug.

If there is a new feature that you would like to see, create a a Feature Request.

Suggestions for improvement to the code or existing features should be added as Improvements.

You can attach patches to any of these issue types and we thank you in advance for your feedback and any contributions that you wish to make. To learn more about getting involved with VL development, see Get Involved.

Thanks for your feedback!